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At Only Care, our approach to care is based on a philosophy of empathy, partnership, respect and quality.

Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury. Home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Our direction is based on long term personal experience (including advocacy) and care of those with complex needs and a strong awareness of the never ending challenges and hurdles that so often seem to be placed in the path of individuals and families impacted by disability, illness & health problems.

Delivering great in home care services requires an ongoing effort that collectively involves our clients (and their network of supporters) and our own front line of support – our home health care agency’s carers, client service & rostering team, together with our management and systems – it is a collective partnership and importantly, a shared pathway to building greater resilience.

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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers of Loved Ones With Dementia


2014 is almost upon us. As we turn to a whole new calendar, it is a time for renewal and resolutions. For those who are caring for loved ones who have dementia, this can be an excellent time to make lists and to prioritize what is important in the New Year and home health care.


With that in mind, we present these 10 possible resolutions for 2014. Your resolutions may vary, but as you and your loved one face the difficult circumstances of a dementia diagnosis, your sentiment should be to have the best possible year that you can aged care serviceswith .


  1. I resolve not to put off the hard decisions. I don’t have to make all of the decisions myself, but I will make sure that the necessary decisions are being made in consultation with the appropriate individuals—i.e., healthcare professionals,  spiritual advisors, other family members and my loved one as best as he or she is able to participate in the home health care decisions.


  1. I resolve to seek help as needed. It’s sometimes difficult to ask, but if I can’t handle things on my own or need a break, I will summon up the courage to call on others for their assistance. I might be surprised to find out just how much other family members and close friends are willing to help with aged care services.


  1. I resolve to explore professional and community resources as needed. If family or friends are not available to help, I should not overlook the resources in my own community that can provide me with assistance. The local Alzheimer’s Association chapter, the local Area home health care Agencies on Aging, adult daycare centers, in-home elderly care service companies, and assisted living communities are among the resources that may be able to help me.


  1. I resolve to get my family’s financial and legal ducks in a row. Money can be a touchy subject to talk about, but we need to resolve how we will pay for Mom and Dad’s care and who will be entrusted to make legal decisions for them as necessary aged care services.


  1. I resolve to look after my own health and wellbeing. I will make appointments to see my own doctor and dentist for routine checkups, especially if those appointments are long overdue with aged care services. I will not neglect myself when I am sick, making sure to seek proper medical care as needed and get the appropriate rest when I am feeling rundown.


  1. I resolve to do something special with my loved one. “Something special” can be as simple as a lunch at a nice restaurant, a drive to the beach or just working in the garden together. My home health care loved one’s condition has impressed upon me how fleeting time can be, and I want to keep in mind how important it is not to let all of our “somedays” get away from us despite aged care services.


  1. I resolve to have meaningful interactions with my loved one. My loved one is changing, so the way that I interact with him or her will have to change as well. There may come a time when I am not able to have a conversation with my loved one the way that I used to, but I still can sit in a chair, hold his or her hand, and just enjoy each other’s company through aged care services.


  1. I resolve not to take things too personally. If my loved one becomes agitated with me or even forgets my name, I must keep in mind that it is the dementia that is causing this. It doesn’t negate all the wonderful times we’ve had together or how much we’ve always loved each other.


  1. I resolve to not feel guilty. It’s okay if I want to do something for myself for a change—i.e., go out to dinner or the movies or even on a short vacation. As long as I have made arrangements for my loved one’s safe care, I shouldn’t forget that I am entitled to time on my own on home health care occasion with aged care services.


  1. I resolve to live in the moment. That doesn’t mean that I should forget about planning for the future, but I shouldn’t be so concerned about the future that I forget to take the time to appreciate my loved one as he or she is on this day. Tomorrow is uncertain, but today is here and now for us to enjoy.


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